To start the journey through my website smoothly and easily to the eyes, the following is a collection of memories I’ve captured in my life. If you’d like to jump right in and learn more about me, click here or use the menu above!

New York

I walked many miles through the streets of New York, and while this photo may not look busy, I happened to capture the perfect angle where nobody was present in the photo. All the loud and crowded noises I imagine and remember in my head were all behind me in the glimpse of my memory.

Pyramid of the Sun, Teotihuacán, Mexico

It’s hard to describe the powerful feeling when standing in front of ancient history, heritage, and how I am just one man whose DNA traces back to these lands. How insignificant but so powerful did I feel to be on top of such a moment in that time of my visit.

Des Moines Art Center

I am thankful for the work of all artists whose work is on display at the place of my happiness. Every time I go back, I simply do not care if it is the same artwork that I witness, what matters is that I get to look at it again and again until the next piece takes its place, and then I get to appreciate that.

Untermeyer Fountain, Central Park, Manhattan

I’ve come across many bronze, brass, and bold sculptures and statues during my journey in New York. It’s always a pleasure that I’m able to look back at these (whether they were in function or not), and how lifelike they may be and I imagine the artists emotion when creating their piece. I wonder if the emotion of the work was done in the desire of what the artist wanted, or what they already had.

Somewhere in New York