Why is David Dobrik The Highlight of All This?

David Dobrik is a 24 year old YouTuber, comedian, actor and podcaster. Born in Slovakia, David grew his fame over Vine, an app no longer in use, and has grown to just under 20 million subscribers. However, in recent news, David has lost over 100 thousand subscribers, has been dropped by 13 brands, and is facing allegations made by those in his vlogs that while filming his videos.

Other YouTubers (Jeff Wittek and Dominykas Zeglaitis “Durte Dom”) appear in David’s vlog are also accused of buying alcohol for a group of women and following the vlog, we are given more information over what had happened later that night of his recording.

Because of these rising allegations, people begin to wonder whether David really means for good intentions through his videos, or if they are purely for fame, fortune and success.

In the past, David has:

  • Filmed his “friends” consume substances that can be life threatening.
  • Hired a crew to sexually assault a former member of the Vlog Squad.
  • Filmed heavily intoxicated individuals for content.
  • Body shame current and former members and individual appearances in the vlog squad.

Essentially, it hasn’t just become something of just one allegation, but multiple that have been leading to his downfall and loss of over 100 million dollars in revenue and additional net value. The New York Times also talks about this great loss of how David steps down from an app that he co-founded.

It was clear that the YouTube star was able to shift attention towards other conflict or entertainment when something controversial came up in his film, however, ever since the pandemic, David has been criticized for posting content of him and his friends without the practice of social distancing. Critique over his willingness to handle the situation over COVID-19 has been examined and it’s believed that because of his inability to show his “charitable” giveaways and funds to random individuals, people have been able to see clearly that it may have been a cover-up all along.

Other YouTubers Speak out

Ex-girlfriend of Jason Nash, Trisha Paytas speaks out about Davids supposed “true colors” and his deceptive attitude towards his fans and to his own friends. Podcast Host of h3h3 Ethan Klein interviews with Trisha over film with ex-convict Jeff Wittek over the story of who purchased the alcohol at the meet-up and the eventual event of rape that Dominykas (Dom) had committed. In the film, it’s clear that Jeff is either overwhelmed by the entire situation, or there is more information yet to be told.

Watch it all go down here

In addition, Joseth Francios “Seth” (former Vlog Squad member and friend of Dom) speaks out about his experience in the Vlog Squad and why he left. This includes how he felt after recent allegations came out and his own experience of being sexually assaulted by David and Jason Nash.

The story behind Seth’s experience of being sexually assaulted was over a few occurances beginning “pranked” into making out with Jason Nash (ex-boyfriend of Trisha Paytas). The second occurrence was during a supposed ad commercial that Seth would be apart of, again, the whole time Seth was being “pranked” into making out with Jason yet again for the second time.

Seth has also spoke out about being racially oppressed by members of the Vlog Squad and that what was done was wrong and to no surprise is David and other former vlog members are being faced with such accusations and backlash. Find out more about the Vlog Squad’s recent allegations by clicking here.

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