Everett Mullican

Hello, my name is Everett Mullican. I was born in Des Moines, Iowa. I lived in Des Moines until the age of 9 where I then moved to West Des Moines and that’s where I currently live now! In high school, I was involved in football at WDM Valley High School. After, I found many new passions in investments, art, and much more. I explored many opportunities but didn’t realize my enjoyment of writing, attending art galleries, and watching musicals until the beginning of my summer before my first year at Drake.

Currently, I’m a student at the School of Journalism and Mass Communications at Drake University where I study advertising and public relations. Both my mother and sister attended Drake and I knew that becoming a Bulldog was the right choice for me, too. I’ve also been involving myself in a few other things such as PRSSA, Phi Delta Theta, and Chi Alpha. I couldn’t be more thankful for such amazing people who give me the motivation to become more successful than the day before, and I believe that putting yourself out into the world where it may not be too familiar is the best way to make new connections and discover new futures. There is nothing greater in life than initiative and the passion to become a better individual among many others.

My Interests

Right now I work at The Picker Knows, an antique and collectible shop full of all of my loves and interests. I continue to attend gallery shows in places like Valley Junction or the Des Moines Art Center, and watching musicals and operas from the comfort of my home while places start to open back up. Overall, my interests include art, music, antiques, basketball, and of course advertising and public relations. Of course, I enjoy talking about what I like, so I’ve created some posts that can be found here for you to enjoy!

Everett Mullican in Mexico

My Mission

After graduation, I have so many goals I’d like to accomplish. To begin, I want to enlist in the Navy, my plan is to become an Officer while there. Because my interests are so broad and apart from one another, I want to continue my career in communications working in copywriting, directing, and media planning, there’s nothing more exciting than impressing a client for something you put your skills towards. As of right now, I look forward to the bright future my family and friends have supported me through so far.

Because of my Hispanic background, culture, and heritage that I keep close to my heart, it’s my absolute plan in life to make a change in all lives with diverse backgrounds, not just mine. Diversity, equity, and inclusion in our everyday lives should be standard, but it isn’t in some, so it’s my mission that everything that I do, say, lead, or participate in has some form of respect for all others.

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