Ethics can be identified differently in every person, friend, or family member. The most important thing to remember is how those standards impact those around you, regardless of where you stand in life, that person may be at a better or lesser point in life. The same goes for a professional industry, to your client, consumer, or your team. In many professions, from business to advertising and public relations, or any other field, it’s crucial that we are cognizant of what we say and do. Ethics to me is what creates communities, families created from diverse backgrounds, and how being authentic with one another creates trust. That inclusion is what builds that family of the once unknown background, and the accountability and initiative for those efforts and challenges are how we build on those standards.

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  • Hold your values high with respect to others.
  • Be honest to yourself and others.
  • Allow others to understand who you are.
  • Don’t shy away from your true personality.


  • Identify your bias
  • Become open to others.
  • Avoid the assumption that everyone is in the same position as you.
  • Open up opportunities for others, as they may open them to you.
  • Strengthen your voice out to others, so they may strengthen their own.

Initiative & Accountability

  • Pursue the obligation to create positive environments.
  • Identify any issues and accept any improvements.
  • Act on responsibilities and actions.