Shameless Self Promotion

“Advertising will persuade advertising and public relations employers that Everett Mullican is a good fit for their position. Support will be his understanding of consumer needs through his own background. The tone of the advertisement will be inspiring and comforting.”

Right Brain/Left Brain

“Advertising will persuade various young adults (18-23) that Adidas pushes their company involvement to a higher diverse standard. Support will be their honor of six different accomplished individuals with diverse backgrounds. The tone of the advertisement will be serious and inspiring.”

Paper Clip

“Advertising will persuade Drake Student Organizations that the Drake University Bookstores paper clip provides a way of using the paper clip to its full potential. Support will be the paper clips known capability, durability, and reliability to hold so many papers without failing. The tone of the advertising will be comforting, bold, and suspenseful.”


“Advertising will persuade teenagers (15-19) that Nike’s products will able them to become a better athlete. Support will be the use of Giannis Antetokounmpo and his journey to the next level with Nike product. Tone of the advertisement will be inspiring and assertive.”

Thank You!


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